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Redcat Handyman is a technology platform offers customers to avail all on demand services at home. Customers can use our platform to book services such as appliance repair, cleaning, handyman services and many more. All services are delivered in the comfort of their home at a booked time slot. We provide well trained professional to fulfil customer needs with the help of our technology.

1. On-Demand Services: Redcat Handyman offers customers the flexibility to book various on-demand services for their homes. These services may include appliance repair, cleaning, handyman services, and more. 2. Booking and Scheduling: Customers can use the platform to easily book services based on their requirements. They can select the type of service they need and schedule a convenient time slot for the service to be delivered. 3. Comfort of Home: Services are provided in the comfort of the customers home, eliminating the need for them to travel or find service providers manually. 4. Professional and Trained Staff: Redcat Handyman ensures that its service providers are well-trained professionals who can deliver high-quality service to meet customer needs. 5. Technology-Driven: The platform leverages technology to streamline the booking process, match customers with suitable service providers, and enhance overall service delivery. 6. Convenience and Accessibility: With a user-friendly interface, customers can easily access and use the platform to book services whenever they need them. 7. Safety and Trust: Redcat Handyman prioritizes safety and trust by thoroughly vetting its service providers and implementing safety measures during service delivery. 8. Range of Services: The platform offers a diverse range of services, allowing customers to find solutions for various home-related needs in one place.


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